My book in progress

“This won’t hurt a bit” the figure said as the needle went in her arm.
She pretended it didn’t.
Everything went black when she woke the figure asked “Did it work?” and for the third time she pretended it did.

Chapter 1
I had just been transferred to the east side of the union. I was nervous and exited but I tried to hide it, because all the higher ranked people lived in the east side. Metropolis was located on the east side. Metropolis was where the master lived. The maser ruled over all of the five sectors. I had previously lived in sector three. Five was the worst sector to live in; it was located on the west side. Only the people who were foreign or got in terrible trouble lived there. Next was sector four, where the less troubled and elderly lived. Three, where most average people lived. Two is where the smarter and richer people lived. And one is where the rulers of the nation lived. I was moving to sector two. A scratchy voice came over the train’s intercom “We are now entering sector two. All tickets will be checked anyone without a ticket into sector two will be immediately revoked from the train.” I smoothed her shirt and got my ticket out of my purse. “Nice shirt” said a man sitting across from me. I had to stifle a laugh because everyone in the train was wearing the same shirt. We didn’t mean to but it was protocol. Everyone in sector three wore gray. Sector four was brown and sector five was black. Sector two was white but I don’t know what they wear in sector one. When messages came over the pods they were in white but there faces portrayed color on their eyes and lips. I knew this was make-up, but only people who lived in sector one had enough money to buy it “Thanks.” I replied. The man gave me a sideways grin and I noticed his hands where empty. “Don’t you have your ticket?” I asked “Nah,” he said “who needs a ticket?” I stared at him in awe. Didn’t he know he would get revoked and probably get sent to sector four? It was a crime to ride out of your sector without a ticket. “Then how will you get into sector two?” I asked challenging him. He smirked “We are going to sector two?” he said acting surprised “I guess I do need a ticket.” And with that he leaned over and pulled a ticket from behind my ear. “Ah here we are I knew it was somewhere.” I laughed and we began talking. His name was Jake, but that’s all he would tell me. He didn’t say what sector he was from or what his previous job was. He wanted to know a lot about me though. I told him my name and, that I came from sector three where I worked as an accountant.I was starting to ask him again where he came from but, all the sudden the train jerked to a stop. “all personnel must evacuate the train or present a ticket to sector one.” Almost everyone evacuated. There was one lady in the back who presented a ticket and the train sped off.


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  1. Do you enjoy writing poetry?

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